Techniques & Colors

Many ceramics today are done by mold, creating standard and bulky forms. Sara, instead, follows the tradition of throwing clay on a wheel to create shapes that are unique and elegant, with hand-made contours and lines. She uses white stoneware clay from Germany that has an excellent hardness and durability, which allows her to create thinner and more subtle forms.

Slips, Glazes, and Etching 
The slip, a mixture composed of oxides and clays, is the first layer that's painted by hand on the pieces. Careful selection of slip and glaze combinations, along with detailed etching and incising, reveal colors and patterns that you wouldn't find by using only a glaze. This process also gives the pieces a raised texture, with lines and contours that are visually and tactile appealing. 

Slip and Glaze Recipes
All slips and glazes are lead-free and made with unique recipes that bring out a range of natural colors and hues. None of these recipes include the standard industrial colors of slips or glazes one can buy from a catalog.