About Sara

Sara Federici was born in Florence, Italy. After years of study and practice in Chinese Calligraphy, drawing, and figurative sculpture, she decided to dedicate herself full time ‘to create with her hands’ professionally, through the medium of clay.

Photo by Maria Riazanova

(Photo by Maria Riazanova)

Entirely self-taught, she began throwing on the wheel, while at the same time experimenting to create a unique color palette with her own slip and glaze recipes.

She works exclusively with stoneware, as it offers more nuanced and natural colors through high-temperature firings.

Throughout her career and travels, Sara has always been attentive and curious how others create spaces and moods through interior design. Through SFceramica she brings together that passion for interior design with her tableware, lighting, and vases. Being a small but daily part of the context of other people's homes and spaces is something that she finds very rewarding.

Her studio and small showroom is open to all and located in downtown Florence, Italy. Contact her if you have a question or would like to fix an appointment.

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